Coaching with Alena

I view people that I work with as different flowers in the garden - each flower has different needs, is located somewhere else - yet they all have one thing in common - they seek the sun and nutrients in order to thrive.​ Humans have one basic need that binds us all together - that is the need to belong. But there is another need that is hidden and only few are aware of its importance - the need to feel satisfied and feel good. Often, our mental blocks and old thought patterns prevent us from giving ourselves that permission. And yet, everything truly stems from the concept of SELF.

It is my belief AND experience (also validated through many of my clients) that the most important relationship is the one we have with the SELF. Once we love and accept who we are, fully and completely, we come into an alignment with who we truly are. From that point on, everything around us will start to change. I teach people how to come into that alignment and also what to do to come back and maintain it. We all have answers within and we all have the same opportunity to access to it.


Although I hold a MS in Psychology, I do not go to the past with my clients. And I don't encourage action in order to achieve your goals because often action brings RESISTANCE. I do not sit in an emotional mud caused by the past events (there is NO NEED!). I work with energy - to me, everything is about VIBRATION int he present moment. That's why I developed a system where I combine the energy, mindset, emotion and psychology to equip and empower my clients with different tools and processes to reach that alignment, to get that clarity, to find the direction. Yes, I use my intuition and channel the energy to support people like you to gain new awareness, change perception, reprogram your mindset and recalibrate your energy.