Energy is everywhere and in everything. It cannot be created or destroyed. Everything vibrates at many different frequencies. These frequencies constantly change based on everything that is affecting it. Our thoughts are energy. Our emotions are energy. Our bodies are energy. 

Energy is an important aspect of Alena's work. Trained as an energy healer in Healing Touch Therapy and Tesla Healing, Alena works with the energy daily and is able to support others based on the impressions she receives from their energy field. 

In some of her sessions Alena will use Tesla Energy healing which contains

3 different parts that do not need to be combined:

1/Tesla healing session- bring your energy field/aura into balance (can be done long-distance

2/ Distant Healing - Alena connects to your higher self and initiates telepathic communication.  

3/ Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis -the frequency of the energy field is aligned by Alena with the frequencies of planet Earth and Universe (only in person). 

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