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3 tips for FAST anxiety relief

From breathing, counting, to lemons.

Just recently when I was contemplating and planning what I have to finish or start, I felt this overwhelming feeling of anxiety. You know, the one when you feel like EVERYTHING is coming at you from EVERY possible angle? And I noticed the more I stayed on these topics, there was thicker and heavier the air around me. It was getting harder to breathe, my heart was beating faster and I started to feel panicky.

“I'm having an anxiety attack,” I thought to myself. But then I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer saying: "There is no such thing as anxiety attack. The anxiety does not attack."

Can this be true? And what does that mean when I have this feeling? More importantly - HOW DO I STOP IT??

Here are few quick tips to decrease anxiety:


As you breathe in, you feel the cool air entering your lungs, traveling down to your abdomen. As you breathe out, you follow the movement of that air coming out through your nose. Repeat at least five times. When you focus on your breath, your mind does not wonder onto your to-do list or any other tasks ahead.


That's right: Five, four, three, two, one. And if that doesn't help, go from 10 to 5. By trying to count backwards, you're distracting your mind that is busy from all the rumination. When the attention is on counting, it won't be on whatever kept your mind busy in the first place.


When it hits you and you feel its power overcoming you, grab a lemon, wash it well, and bit into it like it is an apple. Not only does it completely shifts your attention, the lemon also releases calming essential oil right under your nose and on your tongue.

So, there you have it. One last tip for you - don't let your anxiety get to the point where you'll have to use these tips again. You can work with me on preventing it and minimize its impact on your well-being.


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