All services are designed for a virtual global consultation via Facebook video, ZOOM, Skype or any other platform.

FREE Consultation

Change the course of your life in just 30 minutes. You will receive:

  • intuitive download

  • initial consultation


The information is intuitively channeled from your energy field. Your session will include suggestions on new direction and available options.

Coaching Session

In one hour you can get a good head start and understand why certain situations/patterns appear in your life and how to deal with them. Coaching session together with Alena's intuition will open up communication, and give you a valuable insight, different perception and awareness and mindset.  Your energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions are focus of attention to address what your specific needs are.

TRIO Session Combo

The 3 week combo is designed to empower you to utilize the tools and support moving forward. We will start with a soul sketch to assess what is coming from your soul and energy field. We will, address your current situation and 

design a specific transformational plan for you. 

Private Coaching Program

The 6-week (+ complimentary soul sketch and consultation valued at $99) program will look at your current situation from soul sketch. During our work together we will dig deep into your thought patterns and beliefs to rewire and change your mindset. You'll gain more clarity, understanding and peace. As we continue to share and support you on your journey, more intuitive information will surface. These sessions are customized to your specific needs. At the end a transformation will be awaiting.

Personalized Soul Sketch 

By tuning into your energy field and channeling what your soul is trying to tell you, Alena will help you get clarity, direction, and healing. The sketch will reveal what is for your highest good in that moment and Alena will support you in finding the perfect way to take action. The consultation will allow for your and Alena's interpretation.

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