How to deal with energy vampires

November 23, 2016

This is especially for those that work/deal with other people on daily basis....Ha! That's all of us. No, but really, those in service-oriented positions, where customers come in for whatever service and when they leave, they feel so much better. You, however, come home, beat up and exhausted. Sounds familiar? Chances are, your energy has been sucked dry. I personally don't like to use the term "energy vampires" as it links with negativity and I believe that all humans are pure love in the core. 




We all have our ups and downs in life, and sometimes we need a little energy lifting up. And that's acceptable, even normal, we're just humans! But these people I'm referring to need that "lifting up" all the time, they are addicted to "recharging" from someone else's sources. Now, all of this happens on subconscious level, of course, and you guessed it, at first, we have no clue what is happening. But because I always say "awareness is a key", when we start to pay attention to how we feel on daily basis, we may discover interesting patterns of these people coming into our day and using our energy to their benefits. And when you feel immediate change of your energy level, please pay attention. I'm talking about being exhausted all of a sudden, feeling really down, sad or mad, with a possible headache or other physical symptoms.




You have just taken a first step - by reading this blog and becoming aware. So congratulations! Once you notice the sudden change I'm describing above, you will know how to be prepared next time, if you interact with these people on regular basis. What always helps me during these conversations, is that I mentally create "protection" around me. It doesn't matter really what it its, sometimes it has a shape of white light ball, other times there is a wall (boundary), or just knowing that I am protected without figuring out details. And this is the key. Just a pure intention of "I'm safe and protected", does immediate wonders. Take few deep breaths after you're done with communicating with these people, reconnect to your own energy field, and simply visualize "recharging" process of your energy field. Whatever comes to your mind. You may find with practice that different steps work for you. This is really just a framework to get you started and taylor the protection to your needs.


So, there you have it. The people that need your energy are here to stay. The fact is, they don't really need it, they can recharge just like you and I, but don't know how. However, if you are protected, they will have to eventually seek elsewhere, and hopefully within themselves.










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