It's An Emotional Season...

December 27, 2016

It is a day after Christmas Day and in the midst of Hanukkah, yet the energy in the air is very unpredictable and confusing. So many emotions are circling around everyone that it is almost impossible to try to make a sense out of things.



Yes, there are those little kiddies and even grown ups that got their perfect Christmas/Hanukkah present and their endless joy and gratitude beams into the Universe.




Then there are those that were hoping to get that special present but the timing perhaps wasn't in the right constellation. These people could have been waiting for the loved one to come home, to get engaged, to get some special, materialistic gift, maybe even meet someone special so that they are not alone during the holidays. Either way, there is some form of disappointment beaming into the Universe.



Another group is the ones who miss their loved one this Holiday season. I'm definitely in that group as my grandmother passed away in August and the pain is still fresh to me. I know there are many who feel so much sadness, grief and perhaps even guilt of what they could have done in their loved one's passing. These feelings and emotions too penetrate into the Universal energy.




Lastly, there is group of those who don't feel any hope and just slowly check out of life. Regardless of their age, they isolate themselves, don't really crave any company, feel as if there is absolutely nothing to look forward to and blame life for all that has happened to them. These people are in the state of fear, anger and bitterness because they simply didn't find the way out. YET. These kind of people need help and love the most. The quiet type that goes through the motions of life without much fuss, day by day, almost numb to what is going on around them. They feel that there is no more opportunities waiting for them and that that last chance they had, they missed few years ago. They believe that this is it, and to them, there is no purpose of living.


So can you see what kind of load does the Universe absorb daily from us?  Geez, I wonder, what kind of capacity does our planet have to handle all of that turmoil of emotions!




All the groups described above, including those that radiate joy and gratitude, seek really just two things. Peace and Happiness. It is impossible to find peace and happiness if you radiate disappointment, anger, guilt, and all of the other congested emotions based on fear. You may not received what you wanted this holiday season, because you had expectations and your disappointment is simply a response to the condition you subconsciously put out there. You might have told yourself that it is not right to feel peace or happiness because the loved one you lost cannot be with you. You may feel guilt that they are no longer here but you are. You may feel loneliness during the holidays that made you even sadder. You may feel that there is no hope, there is no point of going forward because you simply just had it.




But hang on. Just for a second, think of few things that you are grateful for. Come one, please just think of it now. How about, you are alive, you are healthy, you have love around you in any shape or form. You have a bed to sleep in, food, roof over your head. You have electricity, cloths. Be thankful for the basic stuff for it is the gratitude that transforms many emotions into peace and happiness. Think of the wonderful memories of the loved one you lost, the laughter and joy you shared with them and feel the gratitude for all that time you got to spend with them whilst they were still here. Have compassion for those around you who do act from fear and sadness for they haven't discovered themselves. YET. Bless those who are still soul-searching or hurting and pray for their fast recovery and finding the new path. 


We all know that the Holidays are very emotional for many of us. But with this knowledge, please also try to send gratitude, compassion, care and love to one another and to the Universe for these are the emotions that truly transform the electromagnetic field not only of our planet, but also of our personal energy fields.


Sending you all my love, blessings and prayers.














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