What is Your Life Purpose?

February 11, 2017

Seriously, how often do you ponder upon this question? I know I do, sometimes even more often than I'd like to. About a month ago, this was a topic of a discussion that I started with other wonderful women. Everyone of course has a different opinion on what they think Life Purpose is.  For some, raising the kids and making sure that they grow into decent human beings is a job on its own. This could easily be a life purpose. Others may feel that their job is their life purpose. And this goes on and on.


I envy those people that really, really know what their life purpose is. And there are those individuals that just know. Some knew even since they were kids. (WhenI was a kid, I didn't even know that I had a purpose.) My purpose was to be a good daughter, please my parents and seek for approval until Louis Hay proved to me at the age of 17 that that is not a way to live. 


I started searching. I had no talents, I had nothing to offer and I was lost. I knew I wanted to travel the world and saw it as an opportunity to something. Didn't know really what. I had a job and was OK with it. I cannot say that it fulfilled me, but it served its purpose. It gave me free traveling so I took advantage of it. After I got married and ended up in Sydney, Australia, the same question kept popping up. I pursued a career of a graphic designer and loved it. Couple years after, I realized that this was one of my many passions but not really a pure purpose of WHY am I here. Fast forward few years later to 2017, I still don't know what my life purpose is! I have some idea, I know that I'm here to serve (not the coffee or tea when someone comes over) but this has more deeper and spiritual meaning to me. I know I am fine-tuning the details and take it step-by-step.


So when I think of a purpose per say, I use an example of a mushroom in a forest - it just sits there, right? But wait, not only does the mushroom filters the air from the toxins, it is also an important element of another chain in nature. It serves as food source for animals, and even for people (as long as it's not poisonous). Or take a chair in the room, it too has its purpose. We sit on it, it holds our bodies, but also it is a part of a whole - it is a part of a table set that creates a room. So in a nutshell, all these little details of what we think may be our life purpose, are continuously changing. However, look at it from the outside and you will see, that they are still a part of a larger whole! 


So with this in mind, I think that life purpose is tightly linked to a bigger whole, which we may not even see sometimes, but there is one common denominator, and that is contribution. We all are contributing one way or another in our society. We are like that mushroom in the woods or a chair in the room. We are what makes the whole picture as well, regardless of what the current life mission, we think is a purpose, is.


Ultimately, to bring this to a full circle, I think that just being ourselves to the best ability we can be, experiencing and accepting ourselves as who we are, and most importantly LOVING OURSELVES UNCONDITIONALLY is really the main life purpose. I've read an interesting blog where it was promised that within 20 minutes, you can find your life purpose (if still interested after reading this blog). Here is my adaptation: devote some quiet time for this exercise, so that you are not interrupted. Have  a paper and pen ready. Take few cleansing breaths and think about what your life purpose is. Then take that paper, and on the top write: MY LIFE PURPOSE. Then list everything that comes up to your mind. You may end up with 20 different things, or you may have over 100 items there. That's ok, just keep going. You may twist some answers or even repeat them. That's fine, just keep going! Now, the moment you write something that will make you CRY (not shed a tear, or smile) but CRY, you've found your life purpose.


Good luck!


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