Are you REALLY who you think you are?

May 19, 2017

Discovering the SELF is not just looking in the mirror and seeing a familiar face you get to see everyday or every time you look in that mirror. The path of self-discovery is a lifelong process that brings so much learning, treasures and experiences that makes you UNIQUE. As Oscar Wild said in the 19th century "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken", he meant to really be YOU. 


We are shaped by our belief systems, our families, words we hear from our parents growing up and the way we think completely shapes who we are and what our reality is. We come from all different backgrounds, some are happier than others yet ultimately we arrive at the same point and that is to trying to discover who we are. For those of you who will be arguing with me that you already know who you are, I have news: YOU DON'T! Life throws at us all different occasions and experiences out of which we not only learn but come out much stronger. Let me ask you this: Since you know very well who you are, are you the same EXACT person you were 5, 10, or 15 years ago? If your answer is YES, please stop reading and enjoy your life in full. There is no more to learn for you in this blog. We constantly change, our beliefs change, our opinions change, the outlook with which we view the world and ourselves also changes. So obviously, you are a different person than you were 5, 10 or 15 years ago. You've evolved.



As you reflect back on your childhood, you may feel silly about some things you did or poor decisions you've made. Now I'll play a devil's advocate. Aren't you happy that these decisions, circumstances and events occurred? And although at times you could experience some pain, and maybe even a pain that could feel unbearable, looking at it with time's distance, you'll probably agree with me that that's exactly what has shaped you.


During our childhood, we are so vulnerable. Our parents tell us whatever they feel is best or whatever they think they know best. So if you have a parent that keeps repeating to you that you'll never be good enough, your subconscious mind will understand it as something to focus on and will start manifesting the same exact result in your life. If you grow up hearing that you'll never find a good 

​person who will love you, again, you will attract it unless you arrive at the point of a choice.


The point of choice happens ONLY when SELF - awareness is present. Once you understand and distinguish between thoughts that are yours or thoughts that were handed down to you from the past generations, you have a choice. You can accept as is and live life without changing anything, manifesting exactly what you think about. OR, you can recognize the difference and reprogram your process of thinking. HOW? By affirming the opposite of the negative self-talk. If you keep telling yourself that you're too old to find a new job, you can reprogram the sentence and say: I deserve any opportunity for a job and right now I'm attracting the perfect job for me. Affirming this DAILY, and even few times a day for at least 30 days, you will slowly start to shift the old pattern and accept and start to believe the positive affirmation. Why 30 days? Because we are creatures of habit, and a new habit is formed in about 30 days. If you were telling yourself for the past five years that you won't find the job because of your age, your subconscious created exactly that situation. So now is your chance to reprogram your thoughts.


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