Soul Sketching

Soul Sketching

Imagine going to someone who can read your aura. Not a fortune teller or psychic that will predict your future. Someone that can see, feel or sense energy. Alena can feel a vibration, can connect to your energy and "download" whatever information is in your energy into a sketch. Typically she jolts down what she downloads with any other impressions. Lastly, she also receives a profound message and writes down what may be a significant information.

Anything can happen during the sketching process. Alena has connected to people that have passed and had a message for their loved ones, bringing closures to many unresolved issues and/or relationships. Alena connects to the higher self of a person, to their guide/angel, as well as other family members the person can be connected to. Please have a look at some examples of a soul sketches and messages below.

Interested in your own private and personal sketch? You can order one below. All is needed is your full name.

Below are some examples of soul sketches (the clients gave Alena their permission to share these on FaceBook)

Giving is Receiving

Message from the sketch: You wear your heart on your sleeve. Though it is absolutely necessary to give love, it is equally necessary to receive it. Yes, there are wounds from the past but these wounds make your heart that much more beautiful and resilient to be stronger and keep loving and allowing to be loved. Whom are you not allowing the love from ? (1st person that comes to your mind), that relationship needs healing (even if they have passed). Remember to also turn that love toward you for self-love is not selfishness. Self-love allows to get closer to your inner being, to your inner self. Forgiveness (to self) is a part of self-love act. (October 2017)

Wisdom is within

There is so much untapped wisdom waiting for you. It sits right in front of you. You have all the resources within. Instead of spending your time and energy seeking for external sources, focus and rust on your internal sources. These internal sources represent a compass, navigation, direction. The wisdom you hold is here to help you choose right from wrong, left from right, black or white. So go within, close your eyes, sit still and ask: "show me"...And you will be shown a way best for you. Pay attention to symbols, signs, feelings, nudgest and TRUST.

The only thing that's stopping you is YOU

There is nothing stopping you from where you want to go, who you want to be, except you. It is the fear, insecurity and doubt that defines your trajectory. You have a whole world at your feet. It is never too late to follow your dream and silence the fear, insecurity and doubt. Thy have their own place and time in your life but that time is certainly not now. No room for that.

Take your gifts to the next level!

It's time to take your gifts to the next level. Your soul is coming through to let you know that the desire you've been feeling is worth pursuing. There is a reason you have a certain dream and when you align your desires with those gifts that God, source, Universe gifted you with you'll automatically reach the next level. Open up to that energy! You know deep down what you came here to do. And today is the reminder to not talk yourself out of it but to listen, embrace and communicate those gifts through your being. Awaken those dreams, desires, infuse them with the energy of allowing and step into them fully and fiercely.

How do you use your ribbon?

Ribbon has a multiple purpose. It can decorate, make a beautiful accessory in little girls hair and ornate a present. It can also fly losely in the wind, free as a bird. Where is your ribbon today? Is it tied up, trying to create something pretty or is it flying with the wind, free and peaceful like the turtle dove? You can always untie your own ribbon. Nobody can tell you how to use your ribbon. Some may show you how to tie it in difficult ways, others may show you how to untie it and enjoy the freedom and looseness. Ultimately, it is your choice whom are you going to listen. Do you want to serve as a pretty present or fly and be free like a bird?

How do you use your ribbon?

Inner peace... Regardless of what is happening outside, maintain  your inner peace. That freedom is always within you. You can connect to your inner peace anytime you please. Protect it, guard it for it is always there to serve you. You never really lose it. Share your inner peace with the world, open your heart and allow the freedom to shine bright.

Please allow for a week to get your private Soul Sketch. Your address will be required to mail you the original together with the message. If you have any questions, please contact Alena here.


Message from the sketch: Infinity connected to infinity in a precise moment, the star is born. There is a reason you are on this planet. It is not a coincidence, it is not an accident. You are here because you are SACRED. You are here because you are supposed to be here in this lifetime, in this time, town, place in short, you are here and now. That is exactly how we all need to live our lives: HERE and NOW. Not worrying about tomorrow, not regretting yesterday, but be NOW. There is no human emotion attached to the NOW. It is the present and if you just are and don't think about what and how you feel you won't be thinking about your emotions of worry or regret. So be in the moment, embrace the NOW because not a single NOW is exactly the same. (09/2017)

A Power of a Prayer

Message from the sketch:

Power of a Prayer creates miracles and connections only Divine can create. Pray without an expected outcome. The outcome is not your place. By prayer you are connecting to the Divine light that can answer any prayer. Don't get discouraged if your prayer does not get answered. Either you still need to do more work around the situation or the time has not come yet to answer the prayer. In that case, pray for patience. We hold incredible power in our hands.The power of prayer. Through prayer the angelic world opens up to us. There is no perfect formula on how to pray. It is really just a conversation with the Divine where we ask for a favor. Discover the beauty of a prayer, ask Divine for a favor. Ask and you shall receive! (September 2017)

There Are No Regrets

Message from the sketch:

There are no regrets. Please know that you needed every single experience and lesson you sometimes wonder about. Everything happened in accordance to the plan for your higher self. You may wonder what would happen or where you would be if....And here is what's important - you'd get the same experience or same lesson. Give your control to God, source, universe. They know best what you need, what experience and people you need in your life. Look at you to day. If it wasn't for these experiences, you'd be completely different person then you are today. Find gratitude within as you reflect. Only then you can understand the divine plan and timing.

(August 2017)

Age and Beauty

Message from the sketch:

The age is just an illusion. It depends how young you really feel and what you are capable of doing. If you feel young at heart, you can be more active than many 20 year olds on mental level. DOn't give into illusion of age. Embrace the experiences that age brings. Beauty is not defined on the surface. Beauty goes deeper. Way deeper, to the soul level. It doesn't matter how beautiful one looks. People sense the beauty of the soul and they respond to it. Focus on the beauty of your soul - your inner beauty and let that beauty emerge onto surface. (08/2017)

You cannot do it all!

Message from the sketch:

You want to do it all but that will make your energy scattered all over the place. By listenng to your higher self and following your passion, everything will fall into place. You will bypass activities that wouldn't serve you in a bigger picture if you focus on what makes your heart sing! Trying to do it all won't serve you and you'll walk backwards, not forward. Channel your energy wisely. You are loved and supported. Let others help you! You cannot do it all! Don't be affraid to ask for help, you'll actually find it liberating and it will help you move forward.
(August 2017)

Decision making

Message from the sketch:

Decision making from past life is affecting the current situation you're in right now. Please know that by following the voice of your heart as opposed to the voices of others you will avoid previous mistakes in your life as well as the past life. Pleasing others will be counter-productive for you. Nobody can make you happy except for yourself. Trust that your heart knows best than any of your friends or family combined.
(July 2017)

I'm at peace

Message from the sketch:

"I'm ok, everything is fine, you don't have to worry about me. I know you do and it's not good for you to worry. I'm at peace now and you need to know that. You've done whatever you could. There was nothing you could do for me. I love you and always will. I am at peace and I need you to find yours." When asked for name of this being, the answer for the client was: "you'll know exactly who he is".

(July 2017)


Message from the sketch:

At times of no hope, no direction, no guidance in life, I'm here. I'm here even if you don't need me or don't want me. I'm here regardless of your mood, situation, your emotional state. It doesn't matter to me. I'm here. Plain and simple. Rain or shine, when you're happy or sad. I'm here. And I know you know I'm here. But I'm just here to remind you to turn to me. ANYTIME! When things are good and when they turn bad. All you need to do is ASK. I'll be always HERE. (July 2017)

Precision vs. Perfection

Message from the sketch: "Precision does not mean perfection. Surrender to love for love is the only perfection that no precision can top. Love is the ultimate connection of precision and perfection combined. Don't beat yourself up just cuz you want everything perfect! Choose love to guide you in ALL situations. ALL situations. Don't loose yourself in details, leave it all to love. Where you feel love you are creating perfection."

(June 2017)

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