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Welcome to
Spiritual Upgrade

WELCOME! Spiritual downloads/upgrades are coming to us ALL THE TIME. We just need to be in the receptive mode to fully receive them. Use this course to guide you through your own spiritual download and upgrade to your new version.

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Below is your interactive PDF guide. Before you start, download it here



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It is an absolute privilege to be alive during these diverse, expansive, and powerful times. These times of our physical existence are when we can open up to more awareness, entertain our curiosity, and be the creators of our experience. In our short life in these physical bodies, we’ve learned, expanded, and created so much already. And there is so much more!


Use your PDF guide to help you every step of the way to open up to more and let it all in. Below, get familiar with what is spiritual download and what you can expect. This spiritual event is divided into four important segments: PREPARE, DOWNLOAD, ACTIVATE AND INTEGRATE the information that's ready for you. You will do this in your own time, at your own pace and in a quiet space. Follow the sequence of this page and use your PDF guide for the prompts.


What is a Spiritual Upgrade?

Imagine your mind is a computer. Each time a new update of the operating system is available, you need to download it, unzip it, and install it to integrate the latest upgrade. 


During our time on this planet, Universe is trying to communicate with us through the information (messages, energy, awareness, knowledge, higher light) that arrives in the form of a download. Throughout this process, we have an opportunity to raise our vibration, to enter into a higher level of consciousness, and transcend to the new version of self that already exists vibrationally. In other words, you are receiving an energy tide, inflow, up-grading, reaching a new level, a new version of who you are. 


This event will serve as a catalyst for you to hone in on what is meant for you. As we start this process, as with the computer, we will need to make more space, delete the old files and prepare the space for the download. Once we receive what is meant for us, we will unzip it and install the update/upgrade. There will be multiple meditation experiences that will guide us to upgrade, activate, and integrate.


You have already been adjusting to this new upgrade. On a physical or spiritual level, you may have already been experiencing an energy influx in a few unusual ways. Refer to page 10 of your guide for more symptoms you may be experiencing during these heightened energy times.

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Start here

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Hopefully, by now, you are familiar with what is Spiritual Upgrade, you're settled in, ready for this wonderful experience. Please listen to the following welcoming message that will help you arrive in a calm state, ready to take on the next steps that are awaiting.

SettlingIn_GettingStartedGetting Started
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The first step is to declutter and take out the mental trash!

Receive the Spiritual Download & journal about the experience.

Learn how to activate the information received.

Embodying the upgrade, integrating the experience.


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Light a candle, and prepare your space so that you create a comfortable, quiet environment. Make sure you have a devoted place to meditate - either in a chair or lying down. Have water ready, together with a journal and a pen. The spirit speaks in silence - carve out about two hours of
uninterrupted “me” time.


What do you want to achieve?


Setting an intention is always a powerful way to clarify what you want and set the energy into motion. In the space below or in your journal, write down what you would like to get from this event. What is the outcome? How does the result feel to you? How does it look or sound? Use your PDF guide (page 5) to set your intention and choose two words that describe the feeling you’d like to achieve.

Take out the garbage!

When you experience clutter around you, you clean up. The chaos is uncomfortable, and you know that you will feel better once you tidy up and take out the trash. We will start with a meditation experience to clear our mind, take out the mental clutter trash, and tidy up around our mind to make room for more fun things.


You will undergo a meditation experience where you will clear your mental clutter. Please have a blank sheet of paper by your side to journal what comes out of this experience. This will be a symbolic experience (don’t write it in your journal or your PDF guide). 

The Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation

The fastest way to line up with what’s coming to you is to feel true appreciation and gratitude. Put a hand on your heart and feel the true power of gratitude and appreciation. Follow with Extreme Gratitude guided by Alena. 


Because writing helps with the focus, use this time to write down what you’re really grateful for, what you are thankful for, and what you appreciate? Write anything that comes to your mind and really feel your heart responding. Use the space on the next page to express your grateful heart.

TakeOutGarbageMeditative Experience
00:00 / 22:10
ExtremeGratitudeMeditative Experience
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Now that we’ve prepared a space, raised our vibration, created more room, set our intentions, it is an excellent time to continue with flow and ease. Alena will share a few words about the download and what to expect. As we slowly enter the process, we will relax into what we receive. Knowing it is exactly what we need, what we can handle, and what we are ready for. Relax into these words from Abraham Hicks, followed by some opening affirmations.






After meditation, please use page 9 in your guide or your journal to write down what you received. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this, and you are receiving exactly what you need at this moment in time. Write it as it comes, trusting the process, trusting the guidance of your soul.

SpiritualDownloadMeditative Experience
00:00 / 25:56


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Whatever the upgrade you downloaded is, it needs to be ‘installed’ or activated. Activation is a process in itself - it does not happen overnight; it is gradual. By focusing on what you received, you allow the attention to spark the activation process. 


For the activation to be successful, your part is required. Let’s say you received an incredible idea or were given an important message that only you understand. Anything you receive that feels incredibly good in the energy world is infused by a strong momentum (from where it came from - the source). As you receive it, you feel exactly the same jolt of energy. You will be taken through an activation during your last meditative experience "Integration" but it is highly recommended for you to come back frequently to jour journal entry and re-read your notes after receiving your upgrade. 

It is crucial to spend some time with your upgrade, let it marinate, play with it, question it, but DO NOT SHARE IT.  Why? Because your initial excitement will or may not be met with equal excitement from those you share it with. You may be ‘shut down’ by comments like: “oh, it’s too good to be true”, “who knows where you got that from”, “you don’t have enough skills”, “you don’t believe yourself enough” or similar downgrading comments. When this happens, the momentum of your upgrade decreases tremendously, and you may not bring it up once you’ve adapted the beliefs of others. Instead, keep it to yourself, and start activating it on your own by fueling it with your beliefs and attention. Use the prompts on page 12 to help you sustain and increase the momentum of your upgrade.





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In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we often say and demonstrate how what you focus on expands. We can also translate this into ‘what you think about, you bring about’, or ‘energy flows where attention goes’. You’ve been doing this all your life, but typically with things you don’t want. The more you didn’t want some outcome, the more the outcome manifested. To integrate what you’ve gathered and received, it is crucial to keep the energy and attention on what you want, not the lack of or believing you’re not worthy of it. The more you bask in the details of today’s event that felt good to you, the more you will sustain its power and momentum. 


From now on, use every day as a step closer to embodying that version you’re becoming. For the next 21 days or more, carve out 15-20 minutes to write about your experience, write about what felt good to you in the last few days (regardless of this event). Choose positive elements of those you love and adore and daily tune into the vibration of appreciation, love, bliss, joy, or gratitude. If you line up with the positive, your life will start to change.

IntegrationMeditative Experience
00:00 / 13:08




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Congratulations on becoming a Spiritual Alchemist! In Spirituality, Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change. Alchemy is about the transmutation of energy. Before something can be transformed from one state of matter to another, it must first undergo a process of disintegration. You know how this process feels because we all have already experienced it. We reach the bottom, witness a tragedy, a loss, something hurtful and uncomfortable only so that we can transform it. You need awareness to alter it and you’ve received it today!


You’ve managed to focus on your next version and propelled forward. You’ve focused on what served you, what felt good and you were able to feed that energy by writing about it even more - that is a true art of Spiritual Alchemy. You’ve transformed energy!

You were able to harness and cultivate the information that was ready specifically for you. As you continue to advance, your self-awareness will help you better understand your vibration. Notice what you notice, and know that your experiences are a part of this process. Give yourself grace and be easy on yourself.


For the next few days, keep the momentum of your experience. Keep journaling and expressing your desires for solutions. When you ask, you receive. Meditation is always an excellent method to continue to receive, connect to your spirit guides, and the information that is continually coming in. Spirit speaks in silence, so seek out some quiet time. You may have a general idea about what you’ve received. Trust that with more curiosity, silence, and intention, all the details will fill in. 


Do something every day to feed your soul. The better you feel, the more you receive. There is no limit and it is your birthright to receive it all! Have fun and continue to upgrade! 

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