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Harness your own resources to overcome any hiccups, hang ups and start feeling good!


meet ALENA

Alena Michaels is a Life Coach, Healer and Psychologist who is inspired to inspire. Alena is committed to guiding people into their alignment with the self to reach their highest potential. She has developed her passion from her own experiences and needs to always strive for more. Throughout her career as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, becoming a wife and a mother, Alena started to lose herself and disconnected from who she was.



"My mission is to open the doors for you you to see yourself for who you really are, not as you believe yourself to be so you that you can start to live an extraordinary life."


When Alena visited a healer at the age of 33, this experience has opened a new door to an unimaginable path. Alena received a trainings and certifications in numerous energy healing modalities. She started to channel energy through her soul sketches while working with people and energy. Later, she obtained BA and MS degree in Psychology and received an accredited Life and NLP certifications.

Today, Alena combines her expertise and experience in energy, mindset and psychology through a “PSYNEURGY” system that she’s developed utilizing these three components. She works with individuals, groups and also serves those who benefit from her online programs. Her superpowers of intuition, channeling the energy and understanding mindset help people gain new awareness, change perception, reprogram their mindset and recalibrate their energy.


Join me in the private Facebook group called My High Vibe Tribe - an online community with a purpose to raise your vibration,

elevate and expand not just individually but also collectively. 

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Alena was born and raised in the former (back then communist) Czechoslovakia, and always knew and felt that there is more to life than what she can see and experience. Since being a little girl, she used the visualization, intuition and the Law of Attraction without even realizing it!! Her life started to change at the age of 17 when she got her hands on a book that changed the trajectory of her life “Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.  Her hunger for more personal development exposed her to countless books, energy healing seminars, training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Eventually, Alena’s interests grew into passion for Psychology, so she pursued her bachelor’s and master’s degree, becoming a Valedictorian of her class.  The principles of energy, mindset and Psychology are foundational to Alena’s life and work.


Today, Alena leads online workshops, courses and a private Facebook group, supporting women and men all around the world. In as little as one session people gain new understanding, clarity, empowerment and pivot toward new thinking and living.

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