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Signature high-level group mentorship program

A 5-week Intimate Mastermind Experience

Na lidi, se kterými pracuji, pohlížím jako na různé květiny v zahradě – každá květina má jiné potřeby, je umístěna někde jinde – a přesto mají všechny jedno společné – hledají slunce a živiny, aby se jim dařilo.​ Lidé mají jednu základní potřebu, která nás všechny spojuje – potřebu někam patřit. Ale je tu ještě jedna potřeba, která je skryta a jen málokdo si uvědomuje její důležitost – potřeba cítit se spokojeně a dobře. Často nám naše mentální bloky a staré myšlenkové vzorce brání dát si toto povolení. A přesto vše skutečně pramení z konceptu SEBE – to je oblast, na kterou se specializuji. Vyvinula jsem systém, kde kombinuji energii, myšlení, emoce a psychologii, abych vás spojila se SEBOU – s tím, kým skutečně jste.

  • Throughout your journey, it becomes increasingly apparent that the old beliefs and paradigms that once shaped your worldview no longer hold true.

  • The deeper you delve into the truth within, the less the external chaos matters. You discover that there is not just a world outside, but an entire universe within you, waiting to be explored.

  • Your desires propel you forward, and with each achievement, your appetite for growth expands. This is the essence of evolution—we are here to evolve, to witness life and ourselves in all their complexity, and most importantly, to truly LIVE.

  • You are awakening to the realization that you are far more than the criticisms, judgments, and misguided perceptions of others. Limiting yourself is unnatural. Succumbing to lies or fear is unnatural. You are just beginning to tap into your immense potential.

This journey is about transforming your gift of life

into an impactful, meaningful existence.

This course invites you to embrace the extraordinary miracle of your existence. Consider the staggering odds—a one in 400 trillion chance—that culminated in your birth. This isn't just a coincidence; it's a powerful testament to the fact that your life has profound purpose and potential. As you join me, you'll explore what it truly means to:


  • Live fully, tapping into your unique mission and expanding your influence. 

  • Transform your gift of life into an impactful, meaningful existence.

  • Discover and fulfill the incredible promise of your being, turning your existence into the foundation of an extraordinary meaning.


Here is how the High-Level Group Mentorship will work:

  • We will begin with an in-depth 1:1 (approx 45 min long) private session where you will fully activate and alchemize your intention for the change and transformation you're seeking. This session will start the impactful process of your embodiment of the Quantum version.

  • There will be a Rapid Energy Clearing and Aligning group session prior to the beginning. This session will serve as creating an energetic container, clearing out the old, and making room for the new.

  • 5 weekly, 90 minutes Group Mastermind sessions where you will learn how to master the alchemy of change and transformation to create powerful magic. 

  • Messenger coaching and support between weekly mastermind sessions (Mon-Fri)

This intimate Mastermind Coaching Experience starts on January 7th, 2025. During these five weeks, you will open up to and become a magnet for more self-love, connection, spiritual alignment, creativity, joy, contentment, and pure magic. 

Few words from Alena:

I view people that I work with as different flowers in the garden - each flower has different needs, is located somewhere else - yet they all have one thing in common - they seek the sun and nutrients in order to thrive.​ Humans are designed to thrive. Often, however, our mental blocks and old thought patterns prevent us from giving ourselves that permission. And yet, everything stems from the concept of SELF - this is the area where I specialize. I've developed a system where I combine energy, mindset, emotions and Positive Intelligence to connect you with YOURSELF - with who you truly are.

I look forward to working with you!

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