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Discover how to reconnect with yourself


I hope you enjoyed the summit and all the wonderful speakers offering
a plethora of wonderful information and tools! In case you have not downloaded your FREEBIE (Gear Shifting Tool) yet, please click here to access it.

As a thank you for being a part of the summit, the following bonus is offered exclusively for the participants of the summit. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply fill out your details and click 'register' button below. You will be contacted to schedule your experience.


This transformational experience includes:

3 hours of 1:1 private coaching that will cover

  • alignment with the self

  • connecting to inner being

  • FUN! inner child work

  • mindset shifts

  • reprogramming old beliefs

  • recalibrating your energy

  • working with your emotions and more...

Personalized channeled soul sketch

(incorporated into our coaching session) To learn more >>>

Emotional First Response Toolbox (PDF as well as a hard copy)

$ 324
$ 466
Register below to take advantage of this offer!

Thank you for registering.Thank you! You will be contacted shortly.

What others said about Alena...

" Your coaching has been invaluable to me, Alena, as I was feeling so stuck and veering toward depression. Now Im learning tools to deal with all of the uncertainty of these times, as well as finding interests I had buried, and value in myself that I didn't recognize. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence to sign up. You wont regret it."

" She helped me to let go of many of my limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and old unwanted habits. By digging into the roots of some of my problems and patterns in my life, she made me understand how and which thoughts of mine should be changed or replaced. She put me at ease, so I can be at peace where I am now in my life. I noticed Alena`s help quickly produced positive results in my life." 

The six weeks of coaching sessions I participated in with Alena were life changing. She gave me many effective tools to use and showed me how to implement them into my life. She is a pure light of love and I am so grateful to her for this incredible experience.

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