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Shadows on the Wall

Divine Feminine Alchemist



March 18 - 20th, 2024

Virtual Live Event

  • Part 1:  March 18 at 4 - 5 PM EST

  • Part 2:  March 19 at 4 - 5 PM EST

  • Part 3:  March 20 at 4 - 5 PM EST

Join me on this Live and Transformative journey, celebrating the power of the divine feminine to create, transform, and embody the inner equilibrium in harmony with the natural cycle of renewal.

You will be in the driver's seat to design what you want from WITHIN. You will shine your bright light to your limitations and lies you tell yourself and transform them with your Divine Feminine power.
You will activate, integrate, and embody your inner desires to the reality of NOW.

Over these three days, you will be immersed
in powerful energy, experiencing shifts, connection
resulting in impact, growth, and transformation

This three-part journey will happen in a Private Facebook Group. If you cannot make the time, you will have access to the recordings to embark on this journey at your own pace. 


Part I.



MARCH 18th, 2024

4:00 - 5:00 PM EST

Planting the seed, reflecting on the gifts from the past, surrenderring to change

Part II.



MARCH 19th, 2024

4:00 - 5:00 PM EST

Alchemysing inner to the outer, darkness into light, activating quantum leap to next season

Part III.



MARCH 20th, 2024

4:00 - 5:00 PM EST

Embracing, integrating

and embodying the new from the inside out.

Your Investment:

From the hearts of others:

“Don’t need to pack your parachute, your wings have you”

“My heart is so full of gratitude for this absolutely magical experience that ignited my heart in a way unimaginable.”

“Alena has been a blessing and is gifted with such wisdom and a knowing that will guide you to open your heart to allow the messages you need to flow to your heart and raise your vibration to a place you could have never imagined.”

My understanding that loving myself first is the key to relationships and finding peace. Simply an enormous awakening”

“I have been on a journey w Alena for not enough years lol! Her Spirit and Energy is so enlightening. If you’re ready to find your soul’s purpose and love yourself deeply this is the space to be in!”

“My experience with Alena has been transformational. My awareness of being present to see the gifts we are sent everyday."

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