Harness your own resources to overcome any hiccups, hang ups and start feeling good!

meet ALENA

Hi, I'm Alena. Born and raised in the former (back then communist) Czechoslovakia, I always knew and felt that there is more to life than what I can see and experience. Since being a little girl, I used the visualization, intuition and the Law of Attraction without even knowing it. 

I have developed a system using trifecta of Energy, Mindset and Psychology that reprograms old mental patterns, habits and beliefs and re-calibrates your energy to start living free and satisfied. As a certified Life and NeuroLinguistic Programming Coach, I focus on a solution, present and support others with moving toward transformation and satisfaction.  



"My mission is to open the doors for you you to see yourself for who you really are, not as you believe yourself to be so you that you can start to live an extraordinary life."

I have been using my gifts, skills and expertise for over a decade to offer a unique approach that will shift your mindset which you will learn to integrate it into your daily life. With my Master's degree in Psychology and Certifications as a Life Coach, NeuroLinguistic Programming Coach, Energy Healing and more, I am here to serve. 




Working with energy and mindset for more than a decade, my passion as a certified Life Coach is to serve you so you can attract whatever you want in your life.


Whether you're on a cross road in your personal or professional life, stuck, feeling crappy or overwhelmed, there are ALWAYS options. I will help you explore these options. Together, we will focus on your thought patterns, mindset and emotions and discover the easiest path to improve your overall well-being.



Join me in the private Facebook group called My High Vibe Tribe - an online community with a purpose to raise your vibration,

elevate and expand not just individually but also collectively. 

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