What you're seeking is seeking you. By arriving here you have an opportunity to step up to the next level of your full potential. If you're feeling lost, stuck, hurt or even confused, you already took the first step to get the support you need. Welcome!

Let's dive in together, peel off those no longer serving layers and bring you more clarity, direction, healing and that peace of mind everybody longs for. Are you ready?

Meet Alena

Originating from the Czech Republic, Alena is passionate about coaching, teaching and supporting individuals and groups on their journey to joyful, fulfilling and abundant life. Tuning into the energy and frequency in every thought, belief, mental pattern, communication, and emotion of her clients, Alena uses her intuition, knowledge and experience to design a tailored action plan.

With her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, certification in Tesla Healing, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Counseling, Iridology, Aromatherapy, and four levels in Healing Touch Therapy, Alena has developed a unique technique, channeling to Soul Sketching. 

When you work with Alena, you will receive her personal attention with an ethical, non-judgmental and open-minded approach. You will find strength and inner power to explore the deep areas of your beautiful essence. You will learn to re-discover the true you and unlearn the way you look at yourself and your world to create the future you desire.


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Session 1: I felt/saw the white light, was not afraid of it as it was very beautiful. I was aware of the session. I did not drift off. That night I slept without a sleeping pill. Through the week I had untold energy and I felt that life, though tough could be rewarding and fun. I also noticed that my vision was changing.

Session 2: Again, I was very aware of the session. I felt a great sense of comfort and safety. I was able to go out in the week both personally and professionally with a sense of strenght and happiness. My vision continued to change.
Session 3: I arrived sad, tired and tearful. I felt the session and have such a sense of peace and am able to laugh and go back to happy childhood memories. Yes, I can do it. I wear glasses because I have since age 12. (Client walked out of the session without glasses because the vision changed and the client forgot about them).

                                                                      J.W., Florida

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis: In August I’ve experienced the Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis : I heard about this method from Alena’s seminar and thought to myself, that that is what I’d like to have done. Afterwards I contacted Alena and scheduled an appointment. I didn’t know what to accept, and was even little worried. The first part of Metamorphosis was very pleasant, I felt tingling throughout my whole body, range of colors and at night I was completely joyful and careless. The second part was even more pleasant, with similar sensations and additional personal experiences. Even now the thought of it makes me smile. After the second session I was really tired and peaceful. From that time, I think that the Light Body Metamorphosis helped me to look at situations from different angle and with peace, not to stress about everything and make the best of every bad situation, because everything bad has something good in it, it just needs to be found!


                                                                        J.H., Czech Republic

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to introduce me to the amazing possibilities of Tesla Healing.  As someone who suffers from chronic neck and lower back complications from previous injuries, I was hesitant to consider anything other than pharmaceuticals to relieve the pain.  After the first treatment with you, I had immediate relief from the severe upper cervical discomfort that has been bothering me for years.  Within a few days of my third treatment, I am able to turn my head without any discomfort and I no longer have any discomfort in my lower lumbar area.  Had I not experienced this firsthand; I would not have believed these results were possible. You have my gratitude and I will gladly tell everyone I know about this great experience.  Thank you for everything!”


                                                                       J.S., Florida

“I've had the great fortune to know Alena for several years but never had the opportunity to experience her amazing abilities until recently. Alena contacted me and explained that she did a drawing of my son and had a message to deliver. After meeting with her she delivered a beautiful drawing of my son with a touching message that was exactly what my son needed to hear for his current situation. Alena is such a lovely person and I always feel a sense positive energy and peace when I'm around her. I look forward to sitting with Alena for one of her private sessions after this incredible gift she gave my son. ”


                                                               Thank you Alena, M.C. Boynton Beach, FL

"Lady, u r one of the best people I have ever met!  I am a believer because of people like u ! Meeting you has rocked my World! U are a true Angel from heaven! Your gift is real and I'm the most sceptical person u have ever met .. yet, I f****ing believe in you and your connection with G'd! G'd trusts you!!!! And so do I! You came into my life when I needed you the most.. I can't wait to see again, you Alena Michaels magical human being!"


                                                               D.C., Australia

"Alena is a beautiful soul, our meetings helped me to heal in my own time. She is a person you can sit with, connect deeply and talk to without being afraid to open your heart ❤️ I highly recommend Alena Healing Energy to everyone."


                                                               E.G., Florida

"First and foremost, many thanks Alena Michaels for the amazing experience of Soul Sketching. The validation of my truth and innermost strength is here for me to fully have at all times. Trusting that all is within me to silence any obstacle now and always. You showed me who to cradle and letting go of anything that no longer serves my purpose. Thank you again for your beautiful message to me and those who needed it."


                                                               A.B., Florida



                      Katherine, Canada

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