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Coaching and Consulting

As a Coaching and Consulting Psychologist, I focus on 'happy staff, successful business' by bringing the well-being back into workplace and beyond. Organization is a dynamic system made up of individuals and groups. Because organizations don’t function without individuals in them, my work consists of coaching and consulting on an individual level, with specialization on Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness and Self-Efficacy. The coaching/consulting combination allows my client to navigate personal as well as professional issues and as a result, many of my clients (individuals as well as organizations) find this approach transformational. Employees feel and appreciate the support they get from their organization; and organization benefits from having happy employees with increased job satisfaction and performance. MORE...


Happy Staff, Successful Business

Support your employees, care about their

well-being and you will be surprised how much increased performance, job satisfaction and loyalty you will find in your business!

Even with recent options to work remotely, individuals spent most of their day working. Many find a benefit in working from home and adjust quite well to their new schedule. Others don’t welcome the remote working as it interferes with their routines, schedules as well as concentration and therefore performance. Many organizations are focused on expanding, hiring talent and projecting their future sales. However, only few companies understand the importance of ‘happy employees’. The good old saying ‘Happy wife, happy life’ can be easily translated to ‘happy employee, happy company’.


Research indicates that there is a direct link between subjective well-being and job satisfaction. Those who are happy are more satisfied at work (Russel, 2008). Similarly, studies also report that employees who feel satisfied at work also score higher in job performance. Larger businesses with high levels of employee well-being also tend to produce higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, greater profitability, more productivity, and lower turnover rates (Harter & Schmidt, 2000; Harter et al., 2003; Keyes, Hysom, & Lupo, 2002).


According to Mejia (2018), top 25 companies that report the highest job satisfaction and happiness in the workplace include American Express, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and other mid-size companies. What do they all have in common?

They all focus on the 10 key factors that determine workplace happiness:

  • Company culture

  • Growth opportunities

  • People you work with

  • Person you work for

  • Rewards you receive

  • Support you get

  • The way you work

  • Work setting

  • CEO rating

  • Overall company rating

You too can bring well-being into your company and demonstrate to your employees or co-workers that they matter to you.  Oftentimes, employees that navigate their personal challenges are unable to dissociate from them in the workplace, even if they work remotely. Smart companies recognize their employees as their greatest advantage. Are you ready to invest in your employee?


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