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Harness Your Mind Power!


Harness Your Mind Power!


Welcome beautiful My High Vibe Tribe Souls!!

I'm so so so excited to invite you to this new journey that has been created as a result of my own dreams, to bring forward the love, connection and tools that empowered me, aligned me and changed my life in the most beautiful way. This journey is a testimony to the inspiration I've been receiving and gathering for months. Many who took this journey with me will agree with me, that once they utilize the knowledge, tools and start paying attention to the energy, they become truly empowered.


I have developed a system where I blend Energy, Emotions, Mindset and Psychology together and walk you through the process toward your own alignment, re-calibration and empowerment. Please read what benefits and results you can expect below.

Pink Roses



Learn to reprogram your old beliefs, old patterns and to harness the power of your own mind! You are so powerful!


Get in touch with your emotions. Learn how to shift to a better feeling - fast! And choose how YOU want to feel.


Know how to align with who you truly are. Feel into the energy and learn how to recalibrate it - anytime. 

In this vibrational journey & integration you will be able to reprogram old mental patterns, recalibrate your energy, shift your mindset, gain control over your thoughts, deliberately choose what you want, realize and activate your potential, find new clarity, and sense of purpose; use your emotions to benefit you; receive more inspiration; be more aligned.

...more goodies for you... (over $1200 value)

• 9 weeks in an intimate group setting (limited to 5 participants)​​

• A professionally printed workbook  (valued at $29)

• personalized attention and connection

• opportunity to recalibrate and raise your vibration

• opportunity to integrate all the tools covered

• independence, empowerment, new habits and routine




(will be revealed during our integration weeks - valued at $100)

learn more  >>>

Pink Roses

What results can you expect?

• releasing many limiting beliefs

• letting go of negative emotions

• releasing old unwanted habits.

• understanding own mind

• experiencing more ease 

• bringing peace into my life

• new found purpose

• overall feeling better

• more clarity and direction

• empowerment

• Stay accountable and self-disciplined

• Align with yourself and your desires

• gaining control over your mind

• Be more organized (in your mind and life)

• Start feeling/being YOURSELF again




For the 9 weeks, starting in October, we will be seeing each other once a week for 60 minutes. Meetings will be recorded and available for you for the duration of this journey, should you miss a day. The group will meet via Zoom and will be limited up to 5 participants to keep the energy fresh and flowing, allowing for more intimate and safe setting.


Below is how the integration will work - we will meet for 2 weeks and in between have an integration period built it to ensure you're receiving and understanding the information to the fullest. You will also have an opportunity to ask or share. During this time we will also review your personal soul sketch and a message.



We will start on

at 2PM EST

REMEMBER - these options are on first come, first serve basis.

***Alena Michaels reserves the right to cancel or modify groups to limit he capacity to 5 participants.


This 9-week vibrational journey is valued over $1200 

but offered to you for only

$405 or $486 or $558

You choose what you want to pay (payment installments available)

That is more than 50% OFF as a thank you for being a valued member of My High Vibe Tribe!

Once you sign a coaching agreement below, you can proceed to select your preferred day/time.

 First installment occurs the moment you proceed to the payment. Second installment will occur the second month.

Signed contract below is a requirement to participate.


coaching contract

What other participants had to say:

"This was an amazing course based on sound principles and concepts which will carry me through my life’s journey without needing to do anymore courses. It was an incredibly inspirational experience."



"WOW such a truly amazing transitional experience for me at the time in my life when I so needed this. Alena is absolutely Beautiful inside and out and shares all her knowledge from her Heart. I have her tools to use forever along with our bounded Guide Book to keep for reference for life. It was a beautiful uplifting experience to share with 3 other Beautiful ladies. The small intimate group was perfect and I felt comfortable to share things with others in this very private space. I felt so much Love and connection between us all. I feel Bolder , Braver and more Beautiful for having this journey with Alena. I feel more Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Peace and Harmony. Thank you Alena for this wonderful opportunity."



"I loved the small group size! Everyone gets a chance to speak and have direct personal coaching/feedback from Alena. You also get to know your other group members better because of the size. I also loved all the tools and the research behind them."


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