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Boundaries: To set them or not to set them?

Let’s set the record straight.

We’re all familiar with this “b” word and probably need to set boundaries at some point in our lives. Some experts make even a carrier out of teaching or mentoring others how to set healthy boundaries. They create programs, steps, and even strategies. But are boundaries effective?

Those who know me also know that I always check the vibrational temperature of what is going on. Try to measure this word for yourself. How does the word 'boundary' feel to you? Does it feel easy, flowy, or restricting, constricting and challenging? I’ve been noticing that every time I hear the word “boundaries,” whether they are healthy or not, I cringe. So, as the curious human that I am, I started to ask myself, what is about this word that makes me feel like someone has put a leash around my throat and won’t let go? It feels so restricting, constricting, and filled with pressure and tension. That, to me, is a red flag. Boundaries to me feel like a wall I’m building around myself to protect myself from something. I often hear my clients speaking of the need to feel protected. And when I ask them protected from what, seldom they can tell me what they are afraid of. They don’t know because they create that reason to be fearful in their mind. Once they understand they created some illusion called FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), they start to change their perception.

Often, I talk with people about the flow and ease of our alignment as humans - alignment with source, with all that exists. Can you remember the last time you felt so good, on top of the world? Life was amazing, something magnificent just manifested, and you were riding the high wave of life. In this context, someone would suggest that you start setting boundaries around you. When feeling so high on life, ask yourself this question: would you need any boundaries? Of course not! Because when we feel good, the frivolous stuff does not matter to us. We immediately view our situation from a completely different angle. Not from the angle of wrongdoing, sadness, anger, or blame. We view it from an angle of compassion and understanding, and this angle contains absolutely no boundaries whatsoever.

Another question to ponder: have you ever tried to figure out where this boundary concept comes from? Do you think a person with a healthy emotional intelligence, aligned, connected, content, and happy, was inspired to introduce this concept to our society? Or was the mastermind behind this concept someone influenced by wrongdoing, blame, shame, anger, or guilt? Again, let’s use the vibrational thermometer here. This mastermind invented boundaries to help us cope and take control. The only issue is that we cannot control our environment, so no matter what boundaries you set, you have absolutely no guarantee someone will not cross them. If they do, what will you do? Set other boundaries to your existing ones?

Now, I’m not, under any circumstances suggesting that you tolerate the wrongdoing of others that’s happening to you. I’m suggesting connecting with the pure, positive energy and the inner part of you in the first place so that the source influences you instead of your negative emotions. And from that vantage point, the law of attraction will not deliver you any situation, person, or circumstance that would call for any boundaries. This powerful law will provide only those conditions that will match the broadcasting signal you’re offering. So instead of having the tendency or need to set some boundaries, create a need to continually broadcast emotional and vibrational signals that will bring you peace, ease, or satisfaction. Isn’t it ultimately what we all want anyway? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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