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Looking for happiness in all the wrong places?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

We, humans, have a skewed idea about happiness. Operating on previously learned thought patterns and emotional responses that don't work for us, we are confused and continuously question why things don't work out for us in our lives.

What we may be missing is that if we keep repeating the same patterns, same thought forms, same behavior, emitting same energy, we are creating exactly the same in our experience. No new change will show up because the vibration of where we are is being repeated. Have you ever felt that 'stuck' feeling? Energetically speaking, the energy is in a constant flow, always moving. But when there is a same resonance of the energy, we perceive it and translate that resonance as stagnant - therefore stuck.


“One who is in alignment with source is more powerful than millions who are not” ~ Abraham Hicks

When we look for happiness, joy, love and all the good feels in the wrong places, we experience an initial thrill when we achieve them, but the thing is - it's only a temporary thrill. Perhaps, it's the Universe's way of saying "Hey, taste this, because when you do, you can find it within at any given time." Well, our consciousness goes as far as "hey, taste this..."


Often, we think along the lines of "first, I want to get that diploma, and then I'll feel happy", or "I want to find my partner, and then I'll feel good and happy", or "When my spouse appreciates me for who I am, then I will feel worthy/good/happy." Sounds familiar? Well, if our humanity is wired according to this premise, we all have experienced it. BUT, we have it backwards! The Universe is saying, get happy first, feel good about yourself first, feel abundant, loved, appreciated (or whatever emotion you're currently feel a lack of) first, and then.... AND THEN, by the Law of Attraction you will be given every blessing you ever thought of. Why? Because energetically, by the emotion that feels good, you will emit a signal to the Universe: "Hey Universe, I'm feeling so good today! I really appreciated all the tangible things, people in my life, and all wonderful experiences I've had so far." And the Universe understands this frequency and doesn't have any other option than to deliver you exactly what you're emitting! - more good tangible things, more wonderful people in your life, more wonderful experiences. The frequencies match and that is the only way how you can ever manifest what you want.

“By attending to how you feel first, always choosing a better feeling thought and emotion, you are signaling to the Universe that what matters to you is to feel good.”

And because we live in a friendly Universe, when we feel good, the goodness follows us. It has to, it's the law (of attraction). A dear friend once shared with me that his spouse doesn't appreciate him. It took him this exact understanding to realize that he's looking for that appreciation from his wife (the wrong place). AND, he didn't like me very much when I told him that it is not the wife's responsibility to make him happy. We talked about various ways to invoke the self appreciation from within. Not only, did he start to feel better almost immediately, because he appreciated himself first...but, within just a day or two, as he was reading his book, his wife entered the room, sat down and told him how much she appreciated him. And here's a kicker! Because he was able to find that appreciation within, he had no need to look for it elsewhere, not even from his wife!!!

So yes, it is possible to turn things around but the process has to start with YOU. When you harness your mind power and truly attend to your vibration, caring how you feel, life will start magically changing for you and those around you!

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