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In my coaching, no size fits all.  I work with one intention -  to equip and empower you to achieve alignment. You are in the driving seat and with my support you’ll learn new tools and gain new knowledge to get you going where YOU want. By blending mindset, psychology, emotions and energy, new opportunities will unfold to help you see yourself and BE who you truly are. You'll gain more clarity, understanding and peace, coupled with life satisfaction. Click the button below to schedule complimentary consultation to learn more or get started right away!



Virtual Team Meeting

Few times a year I take groups of five people on a 9-week vibrational journey to alignment with yourself - this has been a popular way to re-establish the most important relationship of all - the one you have with yourself. 

In a small, intimate group people learn the tools, do's and don't about thinking, emotions, and mindset and most importantly they become equipped with the hows to harness their mind power. As a result, they feel empowered and in control of their own lives - which gives them foundation to create anything they truly want!



WHAT PEOPLE SAY about alena's coaching

"This was an amazing course based on sound principles and concepts which will carry me through my life’s journey without needing to do anymore courses. It was an incredibly inspirational experience."



"WOW such a truly amazing transitional experience for me at the time in my life when I so needed this. Alena is absolutely Beautiful inside and out and shares all her knowledge from her Heart. I have her tools to use forever along with our bounded Guide Book to keep for reference for life. It was a beautiful uplifting experience to share with 3 other Beautiful ladies. The small intimate group was perfect and I felt comfortable to share things with others in this very private space. I felt so much Love and connection between us all. I feel Bolder , Braver and more Beautiful for having this journey with Alena. I feel more Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Peace and Harmony. Thank you Alena for this wonderful opportunity."



"I loved the small group size! Everyone gets a chance to speak and have direct personal coaching/feedback from Alena. You also get to know your other group members better because of the size. I also loved all the tools and the research behind them."


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