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Why taking action doesn't always bring success?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

There is action, and there is inspired action.

There is a major difference in taking action from the place of excitement, eagerness and wanting and taking action from the place of need, necessity or negative motivation. You cannot succeed if your action is not inspired. That is, positively inspired. When you choose to act when feeling angry, sad, rejected, frustrated, you will most likely create an action that will lead to more disappointment and resentment.

Take inspired action!

“Did you ever feel like everything is going the way you want? That you're attracting the perfect people into your life? And all you had to do is answer the call when your phone rang because it felt right? - That was inspired action!”

You see, just last week my client shared that she was getting a call from someone. She saw the caller ID and had that "feeling" in her gut, and heard that little, soft voice whispering: "don't pick it up." But she did. Well, that was why she called me because she didn't listen to her intuition and attracted similar vibration of the caller, allowing her vibration to lower and resonate with the caller's vibration.

Align your vibration and THEN take the call!

She didn't understand that when we're in a bad mood, the person who is trying to call us is most likely resonating on the same frequency and chances are, they will add to our bad mood. So how does inspired action feel? Well, you first need to feel good, at ease and just chill. When you are and the phone rings, you are more likely to listen to your intuition and not pick up the call - that is inspired action! Not only do you honor your inner voice, you also feel good for listening. OR, when you're feeling good and you suddenly get the impulse to search the web. And suddenly you start typing what interests you and before you know it, an answer to your question (that you had for a while now) appears in total clarity. That is inspired action.

So how do you calibrate your vibration?

“Choose only that which feels good. When your gut says you shouldn't, then don't. But when something feels right, listen to that impulse for it is your path toward alignment.”

The inspired action shows up only when you're at ease, peace and in the chilling mode. Once you're frantic, running around like a chicken without its head, you will not be open to receive the impulse because you'll be preoccupied with running around.

Get Grounded

Take few deep breaths to calm your body, and calm your mind. Your body will tell you where you are mentally based on how it feels. When all feels calm and good, you are much closer to your alignment. There are few cool tools I share in my coaching practice that really help.

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